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Social Media Advertising

Some industries rely heavily on social media to engage customers, show services to potential customers that are interested in other related services, and overall build a strong brand.

Facebook and Instagram are the strongest platforms to build a following on currently at more than 3 billion combined users. That means your customers are likely there as well!

Due to its popularity businesses that are not utilizing social media platforms are missing out. Almost everyone is logged into social media on a daily basis, many numerous times throughout the day.

While we would never utilize Facebook advertising on a cold audience for construction industries for instance, Med Spas and Aesthetic type businesses get great results on Facebook.

Med Spas and Aesthetic businesses can utilize interest based targeting to narrow down thier audience when advertising which allows them to specifically show thier services to users that are likely to become a customer.

Beyond interests we also have the ability to target a specific geographic area and can even be as specific as pinpointing a specific building we want our ads to show in. This works great for targeting customers at a competitors business!

For construction industries, Facebook can be effective if used for retargeting campaigns offering coupons or other offers to people who have browsed your website.

Retargeting makes it possible to stay in front of someone that has already shown interest in your business without wasting money on people that are not looking for those services currently.

Overall Facebook advertising has it’s role in every business and businesses that do not keep up with changes in marketing like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. will be left in the dark.

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How We Advertise Businesses On Facebook

Check out some of the features of our Facebook ads program so you understand how we advertise businesses like your on Facebook.

Interest Based

We can choose users on Facebook with interests in your type of business.

Sales Campaigns

Facebook is a great place to run ads for special promotions, driving sales.

Shopping Ads

With Facebook Ads we can drive people directly to eCommerce pages.


We utilize Facebook Pixel to track people on your website for marketing.


Custom reporting makes it easy to track your results on Facebooks ads.


We evaluate what competitors are doing to keep you on the cutting edge.


We are capable of targeting very specific areas optimizing your ad spend.


We learn your audience and only target those in your demographic.

Whether you like Facebook or not, there is no arguing that it is a popular place for people to be. This popularity means your business should be there too! Businesses that are on social media, like Facebook, are thriving and bringing in new business they may not have ever had without the exposure given by the social networking platform.

At ABC Advertising Agency we have a great deal of expertise when it comes to social media growing our clients pages from hundreds of followers to thousands. This growth makes it possible to grow a brand from a small mom and pop to a thriving business with many employees easier than ever before.

Recent Case Studies

Learn how we utilized Facebook ads among many other tools to help grow our clients businesses dramatically.