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PPC Advertising (Pay-Per-Click)

Google is arguably the top place for your business to be listed in. Due to the fierce competition to gain rank it’s impossible for everyone to be able to afford the cost or put in the time to rank high organically.

Thankfully Google has given smaller businesses a way to compete even with the bigger competition. Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, is the easiest way for businesses with smaller budgets to grow at fast speeds.

Unlike organic search on Google, Google Ads give businesses the ability to place ads above all the other search results for a bid. If your businesses ads are clicked on you get charged.

The biggest benefit here is even if a businesses website ranks in the number 1 position organically the can still be bypassed by Google Ads. This is huge for smaller businesses.

Google Ads not ony gives businesses the ability to be in the first 3 spots of Google by bidding on clicks, but, it gives them the ability to get there on many keywords something that’s extremely expensive to do from an SEO standpoint alone.

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How We Put Google Ads To Work For You

Effectively marketing your business on Google is more complicated than just throwing money at an ad. Simply putting an ad up and walking away is the best way to throw money out the window. Check out some of the ways we get you the most out of your Google Ads below.

Keyword Research

We get your business listed with the best keywords for your industry.

Ad Extensions

We use the proper Google Ads extensions to get you more leads.

Engaging Ads

We write enaging ads and test for improvements based on your data.


We are continuously testing to get you better and better results.

PPC Optimization

We run multiple 3rd party tools to deeply optimize your ads.

PPC Strategy

We use specifc Google Ads strategies that have made our clients successful.


Your ads are targeted to your specific audience.

PPC Tracking

We track and report on all leads connecting them to your ad spend.

Ultimately if your business is not listed on the first page of Google either in the ads at the top of the page or below the map in the organic search results you might as well not exist. Studies have shown that most people make a decision who they will reach out to on the first page. Very rarely do people ever click to view the next page of results.

At ABC Advertising Agency we excel in Google Ads and have Google Ads certified account managers on staff to manage accounts. Beyond that expertise, we take it a step further and utilize the most advanced tools available analyzing advertising accounts at a very granular level resulting in incredible results.

Recent Case Studies

Every client we have utilizes Google Ads because its extremely important to be in front of people searching for their services. Google is the first place people look for a service provider.