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Below is a case study from 3DFIT Ultimate Fitness Arena. 3DFIT is a family owned gym in Riverview, MI near Detroit that focuses on body building competitions as well as healthly lifestyles. This client actually came to us after seeing what were were doing for Electrik Image Spa from a marketing standpoint and wanted to do the same thing.

Company History & Background

3DFIT Ulitmate Fitness Arena started in 2005 as an offshoot of Donna Buricks personal training business. Over the years she and her husband Tom who is also a competitive bodybuilder build 3DFIT into what it is today.

As much of our business does, 3DFIT came to us from a referral after seeing our work with another client in the area and asked us to do a free consult. We showed 3DFIT everything we are capable of and they signed on with us.

Over the past year, we have help 3DFIT develop a better online presence in their market, compete against some of the biggest names in the fitness world, and streamline their sales process from excel sheets and emails to a centralized management system.

Gym Marketing Case Study 1 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL


When we took on 3DFIT they were doing an excellent job with their social media however their processes for tracking leads, following up, and note was all over the place. They also lacked advertising programs to actually bring in new customers beyond referrals. They needed a program to help them streamline their marketing and sales processes.


For 3DFIT we built a new website designed to help them capture leads and send them directly into our CRM software to help their large team of trainers interact with leads and follow up with them properly. Beyond that we also built a proper advertising strategy allowing them to market against the large gyms in the area and get more clients.


3DFIT did 27x ROAS during their first year with us and has grown substantially. After serveral months with us they purchased another large building next door to being expanding thier programs into further as well as offer rental spots for other service-based companies that can help their clients out.

Marketing Data

While we can’t show off everything about our clients’ campaigns we can show you some general information that shows we know what we are doing and that our campaigns really do perform as well as we say they do.

Below is a screenshot out of one of 3DFITs campaigns. In this screenshot, you can see we hold an average ad position of just 1.9 which means that when their ads are shown its either in spot one or more than likely due to the competition, spot 2. They also have roughly the same impression share as LA Fitness and Crunch.

Due to the budget limitations with this account, we had to be more selective with keywords and the way the advertising is handled in general. Obviously, they do not have the budget of LA Fitness or Planet Fitness but due to the way we handle their campaigns when their ads come up against the 4 biggest competitors they have, it’s still in position 1-2 giving them an excellent opportunity to win business.

As 3DFIT grows they also have a lot of room for extra adspend to gain larger and larger impression share and win more business over while knowing the average cost per lead based off of the previous campaign data we have.

Gym Marketing Case Study 2 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL

Getting Leads On A Small Budget

Beyond advertising in Google, we also have a small budget running retargeting campaigns on Facebook to convert people who browsed 3DFITs website but never reached out to them. This has also been very successful in driving new business since it keeps in touch with people that have browsed the website looking through Facebook.

Gym Marketing Case Study 3 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL

The screenshot above is from our CRM software that 3DFIT uses. This software allows us to keep sales staff on task and automatically send interest based emails to our customer’s prospective clients keeping 3DFIT top of mind when its time to buy. As you can see in this image from July 2018 to March 2019 this past year we got them nearly Nearly 400 leads and they are on track to do around 550 by the end of their first year.

As we build their programs and optimize we will continue to decrease their CPL as well. This accounts ROI was roughly 27x adspend.As for call recording to improve sales that is something we are currently testing with 3DFIT so we can show them the value of the service and show them how they can improve. They currently have over 15 trainers that act as salespeople so it’s important to know how each of them approaches potential customers. They have a nearly 100% close rate though so their sales staff does an excellent job but extra tools to improve processes further never hurt.

What It Takes To Be Successful

3DFIT Utilizes nearly every service we offer from website design to CRM software, to video production. These services have helped them grow their business dramatically over the past year. Check out some of the services 3DFIT uses below.

  • Website Design & eCommerce

  • CRM Software

  • PPC Advertising & Reporting

  • Call Recording

  • Social Media Marketing & Management​

  • Automated Emails

  • Email Blasts​​

  • Display Advertising

  • Graphic Design For Brochures, Window Clings, and more

  • Video Production for Web and Television

  • Business Consulting Services


In the past year, we have worked closely with 3DFIT to help them build new programs for their gym such as Corporate Fitness Programs, Senior Fitness Programs and more. 3DFIT is an excellent example of what can be achieved even on a limited budget. You do not have to be a huge company to be successful. Depending on the market, the cost of the service being sold, and available market share, it is very possible, with the right strategy, to compete with big brands and win. You don’t need deep pockets to make our program work. Obviously, the more money you can invest in ads the better but we can get your business on smaller budgets too and scale up from there.

This advertising program is extremely aggressive and designed to not let leads slip through the cracks ensuring that your advertising dollars go further and have a much bigger impact on your (and your competitors) business.

If your business is working with one of the big guys and you are not happy, there are definitely other options and we would love to show you in more detail what we are able to do for your business as well as just how cost-effective our solutions really are.

If you have existing campaigns running on Facebook or Google we would love to offer you a FREE audit of those advertising accounts so you can see exactly how your account is doing. Many times people really do not know how the account is doing or just assume that all marketing companies are the same. The flip side is if you are doing your marketing on your own you may not realize the mistakes you are making that would show up in a proper audit and show you why it would be better to let us handle it for you so you to focus on what you are good at.

Feel free to fill out the contact form on this page and we will reach out to you with more details or to schedule your free audit.