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Medical Aesthetic Service Marketing

Below is a case study from Electrik Image Spa. With Electrik Image we have been very successful marketing numerous services they offer like SculpSure, Laser Lipo. HydraFaial, Microneedling, Microblading, Infrared Saunas, Laser Hair Removal, and so much more.


Company History & Background

Electrik Image Spa formerly Electrik Beach started over 27 years ago strictly in the Tanning Industry. Over the years they developed a great reputation as being the best tanning salon in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan.

Fortunately, as the tanning industry declined over the years the owner Dennis knew something had to be done. Selling off his Ohio stores and putting a strong focus on Southeast Michigan, Dennis worked with us to make the transition to a full-service Med Spa.

Developing their service offerings and rebranding the company as Electrik Image Spa to keep with the company roots but expanding to the thriving aesthetic and cosmetic fields, Electrik Image began heavy marketing in their market.

Dennis and our owner Frank traveled all over the country researching new services that would allow Electrik Image Spa to grow dramatically and maintain the path of success through cutting edge spa services.

Over the years Electrik Image Spa expanded their service line up and now offers more than 27 different spa services from facials, Microneedling, Microblading, HydraFacial, to more medical-grade services like SculpSure, TempSure, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Scar Removal, etc.

Through our aggressive marketing programs, Electrik Image Spa has nearly no competition for tanning anymore as most of the competitors have gone out of business and the vast majority of practices offering competing services with Electrik Image are also stagnant.

We were actually even informed by insiders at Cynosure, the makers of SculpSure, TempSure, and the iCon lasers that Electrik Image uses, they are the number one provider for SculpSure in southeast Michigan. They know this based on the number of pack keys that Electrik Image purchases to run the SculpSure device.

Electrik Image did over 900 treatments in the first 6 months of having their SculpSure machine alone and continues to dominate the market out ranking large nationwide brands like Ideal Image in their marketing campaigns locally.

MedSpa Marketing Case Study 1 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL


Electrik Image Spa sits in a highly competitive market between Toledo and Detroit and has 5 locations throughout that area. The medical aesthetic services the provide have highly trained staff to perform, however, before re-branding several years back they were a tanning salon. This stigma has its own challenges even though they have highly trained staff on hand.


We built a complete marketing program for them including Google Ads, social media content ad ads, print materials, and a design that showed their education and level of expertise. While electrik image will always deal with the stigma of tanning being in that line of business for 27 years, they are already performing more treatments than all the other service providers in the area on key services like SculpSure.


Electrik Image Spa went from a tanning salon to a full service, high end, medspa that carries some of the industries top brands like SculpSure, HydraFacial, TempSure, Microneedling, Microblading, and more. The introduction of spa services in their business has helped them continue to grow their business and dominate their market.

Marketing Data

While we can’t show off everything about our clients’ campaigns we can show you some general information that shows we know what we are doing and that our campaigns really do perform as well as we say they do.

Below is a screenshot out of one of Electrik Images campaigns. In this screenshot, you can see we hold 55% of the market share of impressions in Google and our ad position is typically 1.5 while theirs is 2.0 in 2019 at the time of writing this. This means not only does our ad show up more often but, its typically ranked higher than Ideal Images resulting in more clicks and leads.

MedSpa Marketing Case Study 2 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL

Another thing to note about this image is that LightRx who is one of the larger Laser Lipo type service providers in the region, also a competitor of Electrik Image, just announced a few months back that they were closing numerous locations in the Michigan market. (Search “LightRX Closings Michigan” in Google) This follows the history of what we have been able to do for Electrik Image in the tanning market as well. You can see here between 2018 and 2019 that while LightRx is still advertising in Electrik Images market, it’s nearly non-existent anymore because they have lost so much business and have effectively been pushed out of that market. They still have an office a distance away that which is why they still have a slight overlap into Electrik Image’s market.

The screenshot below is from our CRM software that Electrik Image uses. This software allows us to keep sales staff on task and automatically send interest based emails to our customer’s prospective clients keeping Electrik Image top of mind when its time to buy. As you can see in this image from Nov. 2017 to Nov 2018 this past year we got them nearly 2400 leads. A majority of those leads were for high-end, high-dollar, services like SculpSure. What’s the lifetime value of a new customer in your business and how much revenue would 2400 leads bring your business?

MedSpa Marketing Case Study 3 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL

To further improve on Electrik Images numbers we record calls that come from the website and from some of our ads depending on the platform. This call recording data is invaluable in improving the way sales staff handle phone calls. Improvements in your calls can improve close rates, consultation signups, and overall sales, dramatically. This allows your business to bring in more money on the leads coming in by increasing your close rate and boosting ROI.

MedSpa Marketing Case Study 4 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL

What It Takes To Be Successful

Electrik Image Spa uses most of the services they offer to drive new customers to them on tap. The services build the ultimate marketing program that will bring in new customers without your interaction after we setup and manage everything.


  • Website Design & eCommerce

  • CRM Software

  • PPC Advertising & Reporting

  • Call Recording

  • Social Media Marketing & Management

  • Interacting With Customers on Social Media

  • Automated Emails

  • Email Blasts

  • Email Hosting

  • Text Marketing

  • Display Advertising

  • Graphic Design For Brochures, Window Clings, and more

  • Video Production for Web and Television

  • Business Consulting Services



We have been working with Electrik Image Spa in nearly every facet of their business for over 8 years as of 2019. That would not be the case if we did not perform well for them. It’s due to the strict policies we have in regards to how our advertising campaigns are handled, the frequency in which we monitor them, and the overall methods we use, that our Med Spa marketing programs are second to none.

This advertising program is extremely aggressive and designed to not let leads slip through the cracks ensuring that your advertising dollars go further and have a much bigger impact on your (and your competitors) business.

If your practice is working with one of the big guys and you are not happy, there are definitely other options and we would love to show you in more detail what we are able to do for your business as well as just how cost-effective our solutions really are.

If you have existing campaigns running on Facebook or Google we would love to offer you a FREE audit of those advertising accounts so you can see exactly how your account is doing. Many times people really do not know how the account is doing or just assume that all marketing companies are the same. The flip side is if you are doing your marketing on your own you may not realize the mistakes you are making that would show up in a proper audit and show you why it would be better to let us handle it for you so you to focus on what you are good at.

Feel free to fill out the contact form on this page and we will reach out to you with more details or to schedule your free audit.