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Reach New Customers

Over the past years now Social Media has been a major culture shift. This culture shift has created a huge opportunity for businesses to showcase their services and build a brand.

Our Social Media Marketing services allow clients to have tons of content built out and scheduled for their business providing potential customers something to engage with.

This content helps drive business and is often shown to peoples friends, family and more increases businesses reach to people who are more likely to engage with them and use their services.

Many of our clients have content built out a year in advance for their businesses allowing them to focus on other areas of their business.

Social Media Marketing 1 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL

What We Will Do For You?

Content is king as they say and our Social Media Marketing services take that to heart. While Social Media Marketing alone is not enough to drive business since organic reach has been so reduced over recent years, it’s still an important aspect of building a brand.

Your Audience

Content that is specific to your audience allowing for increased engagement.

Pre Scheduled

Content scheduled up to a year in advance to ensure consistent engagement.

Shopping Section

Some services can be tied to Social Media for sales direct through the platform.

Recycled Content

Often times content can be re-posted to reach more of your audience.


Facebook Pixel can be used to track peolpe who engage improving advertising.

Creative Ideas

Many times we can build videos or other content for special promotions boosting engagement.


Organic content allows us to more easily target for demographic for advertising.

Social Reporting

We report on customer interactions of your social media accounts improving marketing.

The importance of Social Media Marketing plays in businesses today cannot be argued. Like advertising mediums of the past, its important to be where your customers are. Social Media is by far one of the best places to be especially for Med Spas and Aesthetic service businesses.

At ABC Advertising Agency we take our clients Social Media Marketing seriously. General content for nearly every account we have is scheduled months in advance leaving time for promotion creation, advertising, and other marketing and advertising services that help further drive new business.

Recent Case Studies

Check out some of our case studies. Nearly every client we have utilizes Social Media Marketing at some level in thier business greatly increasing results.