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A Complete Advertising & Sales Program That Works!

Many marketing companies and advertising agencies will build a website for you or run some ads but, few go above and beyond like we do by actually laying out an entire program that is designed to grow your business fast!

What’s even more exciting is that our programs are built into all-inclusive packages so you know exactly what you will be billed monthly regardless of what needs done that month.


The Foundation

The foundation of any good marketing program is the website. Our team builds clients their own website that is SEO friendly, mobile-friendly, and built to today’s standards! This means that you will have a website that will work for your business for years to come.



The next step in our program is to get traffic to your website that was designed to convert traffic to leads. This is not as simple as throwing money at an advertising platform, however. We carefully select the right audience, geographic area, etc. so that your advertising dollars go further.

Gone are the days of needing to spend advertising dollars advertising to hundreds of thousands of people who are not even interested in your product or service resulting in massive wasted advertising spend.

With our targeted ads, we can bring you more clients, cheaper, and with laser precision.



Some advertising requires creative services. Fortunately, we have you covered there too. Whether you need a tri-fold brochure, business cards, window clings for your business or even a vehicle wrap we have designed nearly anything you can imagine.


The Sales Process

Now for the important part, sales! Without a proper sales process, even the cheapest leads can become very expensive. Our team will teach your sales staff how to get the most out of your leads utilizing our CRM software. This software will streamline your sales process and eliminate wasted leads improving your conversion rates dramatically.


Automated Marketing

As part of our system, you will have the ability to have automated email campaigns triggered when potential customers fill out contact forms on your website. These automated campaigns will send that person content based off of their specific interests, not everything you offer. This not only makes it easier for you to stay in touch but keeps you top of mind when its time to buy!


Social Media

Depending on the type of business you run we also utilize social media to help drive business. For service-based businesses like those in the construction fields, we utilize Facebook for what’s called retargeting. Retargeting allows us to very precisely spend advertising dollars on people who have browsed your website. This could be a coupon or other special offer to try and convert them into a paying customer.

Beyond retargeting some of our packages offer social media content and post building, interacting with customers (like, comment, etc), replying to direct messages, and answering questions so you can be nearly 100% hands-off allowing you to focus more on your business.


Other Services

Some businesses have very specific needs and we have a number of different services in our back pocket as well depending on what needs need to be met. From digital billboards to text message marketing, to custom applications, we can pretty much cover any need.

As we’ve said throughout our website, we are problem solvers and we can typically find a solution to correct nearly any problem your business has.

What We Do 1 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL

Full Range of Digital Marketing Services!

Everything your business will ever need (at least right now..) in digital marketing we offer. We are your one-stop shop for digital marketing and can easily be a stand in for an entire marketing department saving your company potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in overhead.

With that savings you could invest it into ads for your company and grow even faster! You could also go on a nice vacation… whatever you choose we can make it possible!

What We Do 8 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL