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Keeping You Top Of Mind When It's Time To Buy In Tampa Bay and Nationwide

Studies have shown that in the Tampa Bay area, on average, email marketing typically only gets around a 20% open rate. If you are running your own email marketing campaigns, you should be able to verify that by taking a look at your current program as well.

The major benefit of Automated Email Campaigns is that they can be highly targeted to the user’s interests. So, for instance, if you own a Med Spa in the Tampa Bay area, or anywhere in the nation, and are marketing CoolSculpting, if a user fills out a contact form and says that’s what they are interested in, they would get an email campaign that is all about CoolSculpting.

This practice dramatically increases open rates by as much as 300% over email blasts alone! Beyond that, email campaigns that are highly targeted also do not have near the unsubscribe rates of typical email blasts.

The best perk of automated email campaigns is that when it comes time to buy, your customers can’t help but think of you because you are always in front of them rather than another Tampa area company.

Oh ya, did we mention it’s completely automated? Once the campaign is designed, you can take every prospective client down the same sales path, ensuring your contacts get the proper sales material at the opportune time. This works great for all types of businesses in the Tampa area, from home services to medical spas, gyms, construction companies, you name it.

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Benefits Of Automated Email Campaigns In Tampa, FL and Nationwide

Keeping in touch with people who have shown interest in your Tampa area business makes the difference between them becoming your customers or a competitors. Check out some of the ways our automated email campaigns can help you accomplish this.

Completely Automated

Our email campaigns via our CRM software provide Tampa area businesses with an easy-to-use email platform that can be completely automated and requires no manual work beyond setup.

Unlimited Emails

All clients get unlimited emails on our CRM software package. This means that you’re covered regardless of how many campaigns your Tampa area business is running or how many email blasts are sent.

Scheduled Emails

Automated Email Campaigns are scheduled automatically when a user submits a contact form based on their interests. Email blasts may also be scheduled manually at any time.

Targeted Emails

Unlike email blasts, our automated email campaigns are highly targeted, improving open rates, decreasing unsubscribe rates, and improving overall sales and revenue for your Tampa area business.

Track Interactions

Interactions with our Automated Email Campaigns can be tracked to see what kind of click-through rate you are getting on emails, contact score, etc., to improve sales.

Automated Tasks

Automated email campaigns can be configured to trigger automatic tasks that are scheduled for sales reps based on what the user interacts with. More client interaction, more sales!

Special Offers

While special offers in email blasts certainly get better open rates, special offers in automated email campaigns are far higher, increasing the likelihood of making a sale.


The beauty of Automated Email Campaigns is that you know exactly what your customers are interested in because they told you by their actions. This makes it easy to send them specific testimonials!

If your Tampa area business is using email to try to increase business, you are missing out if you are not using automation to do it for you. Email blasts are certainly worth doing to try and increase business, but when open rates are significantly higher using targeted email campaigns, there is no reason not to do it.

At ABC Advertising Agency, we believe deeply in using technology to improve the way businesses do business. Email Automation is a huge step forward in email marketing, allowing businesses to free up more time by automatically responding to requests with valuable information your clients need to see.

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Automated Email Campaigns are part of every marketing and advertising program we offer, including our CRM software. These campaigns dramatically increase client interaction and sales. Depending on the package you go with, we can even create and build email campaigns for your Tampa Bay area business!