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Professional Audio Recording

For years we have offered video production services for businesses whether it be for online or even television use. Our owner has had years of experience in live production as well though so we decided to extend our service lineup to include professional audio recording services as well in our private studio.

In our studio you will find some of the latest, high end, audio recording equipment, professional grade instruments, you name it!

Whether your business is looking to record a jingle for use in radio or your band would like to have their next single, or even full album produced, we have you covered!

If you are interested in recording with us feel free to reach out. Currently we offer recording services for the following types of music:

  • Jingles & Voice Overs
  • Country
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Jazz
  • Blues

Don’t see the style you are looking to record? Contact us and we can discuss it. Some types of music we do not have expereince recording and/or arranging so we do not work with all artists.

Recording Gear Available

As mentioned we offer access to highend recording gear both from a software and hardware standpoint. Some of the gear you will be able to use in addition to anything you want to bring to your session can be seen in the pictures above but we also have other gear not shown in the images.


  • Presonus StuidoLive 32SX console
  • Behringer Headphone amp with AKG Headphones
  • JBL & Behringer Reference Monitors & Sub


  • Presonus Studio One Professional

Plugins From:

  • Lexicon
  • Arturia
  • iZotope
  • Klanghelm
  • Presonus
  • Plugin Alliance
  • And Many More!

We also have access to thousands of other plugins from our vendors if the need arises.


  • PRS Custom 24
  • PRS CE22
  • Les Paul
  • 3 Alvarez Acoustics including 1 12 string
  • Ibanez 7 string


  • Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
  • Marshall Orgin 20
  • Line 6 AX212
  • Line 6 Spyder III
  • Line 6 SpyderValve MKII


  • Ibanez 600 Series 5 String


  • Yahmaha CSP-170
  • Casio Keyboard


  • Shure Beta 57
  • Rode NT5 Stereo Condensor Mic Pair
  • Sennheiser e906 Cabinet Mic
  • Rode NT2A Vocal Condensor Mic


  • Alesis Strike Pro SE With Custom Built Kits
  • Roland TD6

We offer a very laid back and relaxing recording process that is great for someone wanting to take their time. Rates vary depending on project but we can offer fixed project prices as well depending on the scope of your project and if you know everything you want to accomplish.

We have worked with many of the areas largest churches running live sound, helping select gear for services, etc. This knowledge and ear for a good mix really allows us to produce quality recordings you’ll be very happy with.

Since we typically work with clients in marketing and IT services during the week, recording sessions are typically available during the evening or on the weekend, which typically matches up well with the vast majority of those looking to record.

If you need time during the week feel free to reach out and we can discuss the project in more detail to see if it is something we can accommodate. If you are interested in working with us give us a call and lets setup a time for you to discuss the project in more detail.