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Targeted Website Pages

Landing pages are just that, targeted website pages designed to capture a users interest that clicked on one of your ads. With landing pages we are able to further optimize your advertising by improving conversion rates.

Improving conversion rates increases the number of lead you get from the clicks on your ads because the page the customer lands on is highly relevant to what they were searching for.

Landing pages are also designed with a good call to action to get the client to engage in some way whether it’s a phone call, filling out a contact form, or something else.

Landing Pages 1 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL

What Our Landing Pages Do For You

Driving traffic directly to the main page of a website is often a terrible idea in most cases. Often times a well-exectued landing page is a much better option. Check out some of the benefits to our landing pages below.

Conversion Optimization

Landing Pages give you a way to optimize your conversion rates by providing better, more targeted, content and CTAs.

Testing Platform

Without Landing Pages, it is impossible to test the page a user is landing on from an advertisement.

Better Tracking

Landing Pages give a better way of tracking where leads and customers are coming from vs. organic traffic.

Better Results

Landing Pages will always produce better results than sending traffic to a website alone due to being more targeted.

Landing Pages are one of the key aspects of what we do for our clients. Even on some of our most basic plans we utilize landing pages to get our clients the best conversion rates possible. Some of our clients are converting well over 30% of the clicks they receive on their ads resulting in very affordable leads.

At ABC Advertising Agency we believe in utilizing every piece of technology and marketing best practice possible so we can keep our clients happy and build a long-lasting relationship that’s mutually beneficial. If you are not using landing pages in your marketing program currently and are just sending traffic to your website home page you are likely losing leads.

Recent Case Studies

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