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Precisely Targeted Advertising & Marketing Services

Our advertising and marketing services consist of all the services we utilize to bring our clients new business through paid channels.

Some of the most common advertising channels we utilize for clients depending on their industry is Google Search Ads and Facebook Ads.

Both platforms have offshoots as well such as YouTube ads, Google Display Network, Instagram Ads, and more.

The ads we run on these platforms as we mentioned are specifically targeted to your ideal client so we can greatly reduce wasted ad spend and increase your results.

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Advertising Service Lineup

Check out some of the many platforms we advertise our client’s products and services on. Depending on your industry many of these may fit into a marketing plan for you too!

Social Media Marketing

Some of our client’s businesses require some form of social media marketing where we schedule consistent content on thier business page to engage customers.

Social Media Management

If your business is utilizing our social media services we also take it one step further and offer full management where we will answer questions, reply to comments and more.

Google Advertising

Google is todays Yellowpages. If you were looking for a dry cleaner, for instance, the first thing you would do is get out your phone and search. That’s why we advertise our clients there.

Facebook Advertising

With Facebook we can schedule out advertising promotions for specials, events, and more allowing you to easily plan. This is great for Med Spas that run specials for services and events.

Bing Advertising

Bing is a great alternative to Google advertising since many older users use Bing becuase its the default search engine on Windows computers. Bing is cheaper for clicks making it ideal for businesses on a budget.

Directory Listings

This service allows you to be listed in many different search engines. With directory listings, we can also instantly update your business hours, pictures, and more reaching more people wherever they’re at.

Text Message Marketing

This is a huge service for Med Spas that run special promotions and events. Text messages have 5x the average open rate of emails dramatically improving your messages reach.

Email Marketing

Emails are a very inexpensive solution to marketing for events, education, promotions, and more. We also include unlimited email sends in our CRM Software completely free!