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Questions about ABC Advertising Agency Marketing Programs

We have a vast amount of experience in consulting and can build a successful marketing in nearly any business niche using proven methods. We work with many different construction companies, medspa, medical aesthetic companies, gyms, and more handling their marketing programs.

Our services are very competitively priced for the number of services we provide and they return on ad spend our clients are able to achieve using our programs. With proper ad spend we can make anyone’s business extremely successful and help them dominate the market they are in.

We absolutely do! Unfortunately most of our customers busy with business so it is very difficult to get them to stop and give us a good review or do a testimonial video for us. We do have a few customers that were gracious enough to do so though.

One thing we would like to mention is that not every happy client writes a review but you better believe unhappy customers do, every time. You’ll notice that we do not have a bad review anywhere. Our parent company ABC Computer Solutions has been in business over 15 years as well and no bad reviews there either.

The BBB even refuses to give us their free listing showing that they know about us because we refused to pay their membership fee. The membership fee wipes bad reviews off a companies record every 36 months, a practice we feel is dishonest. We told them we were not interested in membership since we do not get bad reviews.

While we are more than happy to compete on price when it comes to the same service lineup, we provide our clients with excellent results far exceeding what most agencies are capable of because of the techniques we employ and the advanced software solutions we use to get our clients the best results possible.

That being said if you would like us to compete with a quote from someone else we just need to see a written quote itemizing the services and level of services being provided.

For instance, running ads on Google could mean someone sets up the account with one keyword and one ad whereas we always set up multiple ads for testing and hundreds of keywords. Without a detailed quote, we have no way of competing.

For website design we are typically anywhere from a week to a month. That time can be longer for a large site with lots of customizations and integrations but on average we are around 2 weeks from initial build to going live. We’re pretty fast!

For graphics requests its typically 1-3 business days. This can be less to if you catch us between projects and we can knock out your project before starting on the next large project.

Video production services are typically 2-4 days again dependent on the length of the video and design complexity. This is also highly dependent on having all the resources we need like voice-overs if you have one for the spot we are producing.

Most everything we do aside from websites have turnaround times below a week but the above are the most common.

Any marketing company that guarantees anything other than that they will complete your project is lying to you.

In advertising, all platforms are auction-based which means they are very fluid when it comes to results and can be swayed from a competitor adjusting their bids, budget, ad design, landing pages, SEO, and so much more.

To claim they can guarantee anything other than performing the service is wrong. That being said we do get our clients incredible results which can be seen on our case studies. This is due to the techniques we employ on all client accounts.

If we get the advertising budget we need, and our client is willing to adjust budget as needed so long as its profitable to do so, we can get them better and better results.

People that do not want to put up a proper budget initially will cause their accounts to go through a prolonged learning phase because we will not get the amount of data necessary to quickly optimize the account and start making them good money.

For instance, starting to advertise with minimal budget, on a new account, at the beginning of your busy season, will likely result in not having a well-optimized account well into your season. This can cost you leads and make it more difficult to get all you could have gotten if we were provided a proper budget (think data) to begin with.

For this reason, we typically recommend your account be able to get 10-20 clicks per day at a minimum so we can more quickly optimize your account and get you out of the learning phase.

Absolutely not! Any company that is collecting advertising spend upfront is not running your account properly. You should have your own account with advertising mediums like Facebook and Google and they bill your card directly when advertising dollars are spent.

This allows you to track what is being spent but, also keeps the advertising company honest because they cannot put any of that advertising money in their pockets.

If you ever come across an advertising company that wants you to pay them upfront for ad spend run far away! All advertising mediums have their own account management consoles that allow advertisers to manage client accounts without having access to the advertising money.