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Tie Your Marketing & Sales Together

Tieing all of your sales, marketing, and advertising together is key in building a marketing program that will be highly successful. Miss any one peice and you now have a hole in your business letting precious revenue leak out.

Our sales and marketing program is designed to eliminate mistakes that cost businesses money. All of the websites we design integrate our CRM software which is given to clients at no additional charge to help eliminate common downfalls in most businesses sales process.

This CRM software is full of automation designed to cut down on the workload of sales reps but also make them far more effective than they could have been on their own.

Automation can be used to schedule follow-ups in the sales process, send emails at key points in the sales cycle, and even place tasks on a sales reps schedule when its time to make a phone call to the prospective customer.

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Our CRM Software Features

Our CRM Software is included completely free of charge on nearly every marketing and advertising program we provide. We even use the software here in-house because we believe in it, just like all of our services.

Task List

The Task List is the heart of our CRM Software. This list is automatically generated and keeps your sales staff on task eliminating missed contacts.

Automated Emails

Our automated emails and email campaigns allow your sales reps to stay in touch with contacts without having to manually reach out to every single one.

Email Blasts

Manual email options allow your sales reps to send mass emails out for special promotions or sales to keep contacts engaged and try to close more sales.

Reporting Options

We have dozens of different reports that allow you to dig a little bit deeper into your sales and marketing more easily than sifting through tracking data.

Web Tracking

Track when contacts have been on your website, what they interacted with, and more with our web tracking features allowing sales staff to respond.

Intelligent Forms

Our intelligent forms are designed to not only send contact details from your website to your sales rep but, they can actually trigger automations themselves.

Automated Tasks

Automated sales task scheduling based on user actions in emails, on your website and more. Increased client interaction means more chances to make a sale.

Sales Dashboard

Our sales dashboard allows you to quickly see your overall sales process in action. What’s the dollar value of deals in the sales pipline, deals you’ve won, and more.

With our sales process, integrated marketing program, and advertising program you have a deadly combination of sales and marketing tools that helps businesses win new customers as well as increase sales with current customers. This closed-loop sales and marketing program is designed to help you eliminate problem areas in your sales and marketing departments and boost revenue dramatically.

At ABC Advertising Agency we believe in the tools and programs we sell. We use the same programs and methodology here in our office as well as at all of our client’s offices. This program has proven itself successful in generating millions of dollars for our clients in Construction fields as well as in the Medical and Aesthetics fields. If your business is struggling get in touch with us, we can help make you more successful!

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