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Google Advertising Alternative In Tampa

While Bing is not used nearly as often as Google for searches, it does have a few different benefits that make it appealing in some situations to Tampa area business owners.

Bing is the search engine by default on Windows-based computers, and while most users change the search provider to Google, older users tend just to use it as they do not know how to change it.

This means that, generally, Bing has an old user base. If your Tampa business is looking to target older users, Bing is a great addition to Google Ads.

Also, since Bing is typically a less desirable platform, there is much less competition, and that results in cheaper clicks many times.

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How We Put Bing Ads To Work For Your Tampa Business

Learn more about Bing ads for your Tampa area business. An affordable addition to Google Ads, helping your business get more customers.

Keyword Research

Get your Tampa business listed for keywords that are likely to bring new customers. With proper keyword planning, both Bing and Google can bring great ROI with appropriate advertising spending.

Ad Extensions

Make your ad stand out with ad extensions. This makes your ad more noticeable to potential Tampa area customers.

Engaging Ads

Well-written ads designed to capture your audience’s attention. Avoid non-native speakers when writing ad copy since they often lack understanding of the nuances of the English language, which results in poor-performing ad copy.


Many marketing companies build one ad and forget it on Bing. Not us! We test relentlessly, bringing the best bang for your buck on the advertising platform.

PPC Optimization

Multiple 3rd party tools enable us to granularly optimize accounts to the max! This attention to detail allows us to bring Tampa Bay business owners some of the best ROI numbers in their industries compared to national averages.

PPC Strategy

We utilize specific strategies that have made our past clients very successful. This allows us to apply the same strategies to your Tampa area business, getting your ads up and profitable more quickly.


Our ads specifically target people looking for your services better than a website alone. Let’s face it: search providers like Google, Bing, and Facebook make money through ads, so it only makes sense that Tampa area advertisers would get priority in searches.

PPC Tracking

As with all of our advertising programs, everything is tracked to get the best performance. Without proper tracking of advertising dollars, especially in the competitive Tampa Bay market, it’s impossible to weed out wasted advertising spending. This is something we excel at!

Whether you just have a small budget or are looking to expand your advertising reach in the Tampa, FL area or nationwide, Bing ads are a great opportunity to get more customers. The biggest benefit to Bing is that with the decreased competition for traffic, you can get really affordable clicks, often resulting in more affordable leads.

At ABC Advertising Agency, we always recommend Google Ads first, but Bing is a great avenue for expansion when it comes to the number of leads you are getting. If you already have max impression share in Google, looking at other platforms is a great way to increase your reach without expanding your targeted search area.

Recent Case Studies

Check out some of our case studies and see what we have been able to do for our clients. We would love to help your Tampa area business grow through marketing and advertising too!