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Know Where Your Leads Come From

One of the most improtant things to do in marketing and advertising is track where your leads are coming from. Without this knowledge you have no way of knowing what keywords are producing customers and what keywords are just producing clicks and a big bill.

We use the latest tracking and reporting technology to not only gather this information but also show you how you are doing with your advertising so you can make educated decisions regarding budget, locations you want us to market to, and more.

Advertising without proper tracking results in massive wasted ad spend, not getting the leads you’re after, and ultimately failure.

More times than we can count we talk to businesses that say they did Google or Facebook ads in the past and didn’t get one lead from it. The reason for this is they did not employ the tracking techniques we do to properly optimize ads, keywords, and ad spend the way that is required to be successful.

Online advertising platforms are complex and have a lot of options. If you do not understand how to manipulate the data or have a company that is doing that properly for you, you’re setting yourself up for failure.


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Benefits Of Tracking Your Advertising Program

Marketing without proper tracking in place is like walking across a highway blindfolded. You almost guarantee that you will fail because you cannot see what is happening. See how our tracking capabilities will help you get more leads.

Call Tracking

With our call tracking, we are able to link calls from ads back to the keywords they came from and even record them so you know sales staff handles the calls properly.

Form Submissions

Our tracking software allows us to track form submissions from the website directly into our CRM software we train your staff on. This eliminates wasted leads.

Ad Optimizations

Our tracking system allows us to make changes on your ads to continuously write better and better ads that get more clicks, cheaper, improving the number of leads you get.

Keyword Optimizations

Keywords are the heart of Google advertising, we can eliminate keywords that are costly saving you money and improving reach on profitable keywords.

Negative Keywords

With our tracking, we can more easily pinpoint negative keywords eliminating wasted ad spend on similar search phrases people may be using that trigger your ads.

Bid Adjustments

Our tracking gives us valuable insight into what keyword bids should be like allowing us to more quickly optimize your ad spend getting you more clicks for the same money.

Conversion Improvements

Our lead tracking allows us to make the proper optimizations to your ads, landing pages, keywords, and more to improve both click-through rate and conversion rates.

Creative Improvements

For image-based advertisements like television, billboards, Facebook, etc. our tracking options allow us to improve conversion rates through creative improvements and testing.

If you are dealing with a company now that does not provide reporting of your ad spend that in itself is a huge red flag that they are not tracking properly. We track everything from website visits, to phone calls, to form submissions. We even record calls to make sure sales staff are handling calls properly!

At ABC Advertising Agency we believe in highly trackable advertising and marketing systems. Tracking systems allow proper optimizations to take place that otherwise would not be possible. Gone are the days of just trying to get clicks on your ads and hope for the best. With our advanced advertising platform, we can help you get the most out of your ad spend increasing leads dramatically.

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