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Born In Technology; Striving For Perfection

Our story starts out more than 15 years ago as our owner and CEO Frank Wright began a career in the IT industry as a network engineer. Frank worked with companies as small as mom and pops all the way to large companies with locations across the country building their network infrastructure, configuring servers, and maintaining client networks.

Over the years while working with clients Frank constantly heard about how his clients were paying so much for marketing services and the companies were always impossible to get in touch with, never produced results, and clients were overall unhappy with what they received.

Taking his knowledge in the IT industry and ability to learn new technology rapidly Frank began learning about digital marketing and adding marketing and advertising services to his line up at ABC Computer Solutions.

As ABC Computer Solutions began getting results for clients in the marketing arena our business took off. Soon we were consistently getting referrals from our clients businesses to work with thier friends and other people that saw how they were marketing their businesses.

In 2016 due to ABC Computer Solutions workload being primarily marketing at this point, ABC Advertising Agency was born. Over the years Frank has solved countless problems for clients and even built custom applications used in their businesses. Due to our constant push for towards new technology we offer over 20 different marketing services and continue to add to that line up as we solve other problems for clients.


Paid Advertising

Quickly generate new business, even as a startup!

Website Design

Custom built websites designed to convert traffic to leads.

Strategic Marketing

Marketing programs that keep you top of mind when its time for potential customers to buy.

Increased Profits

Our clients have received as much as 30x ROAS even as a brand new business!