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Digital Signage On The Highway Or In Your Office

We specialize in all things techology and that doesn’t stop at digital signage. Whether you are in need of a design for a billboard on the side of the highway or a full digital singage system, we have the ability to help you out!

While we do not recommend digital billboards to everyone since they are not a very targeted form of advertising in some instances if we need to get the word out a product exists it may be one option we would work with clients to get started on.

As for inside a business like a Medspa lobby, Construction company showroom, etc. Our digital signage programs offer excellent advertising solutions that we can actually push advertisements to directly from our office.

Some of our clients, like gyms for instance, even charge for advertising time on the digital signage in their locations to offset our advertising costs. They simply send us their clients commercial they want to air and we put it in their rotation.

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Benefits of Digital Billboards and Signage

Billboards and digital signage are an economical way of advertising to clients already in your locations. Televisions running our digital signage system are a great interactive marketing system that clients can watch to kill time waiting in your lobby for their appointment.

Economical Ads

Advertising on your own personal television station essentially is a very economical way to showcase your products and services right in your own lobby.

Alternative Revenue

If some of your clients have businesses, offering to advertise them on your television is a great way to offset the monthly cost of our services and potentially make money!

New Services

Digital Advertising on billboards or our digital signage systems is a great way to market new services to customers that may not know you offer the new service yet.

Special Promotions

Have a special promotion for a product or service you would like people to see? What better place then right in front of them in your office while they wait to be seen?

Digital billboards can be a great marketing medium for businesses that have a service no one has ever heard about or that visually solves a problem. We work with Blip billboards to push content all over the nation into our clients markets.

For clients looking for solutions a bit closer to home, our digital signage network is an excellent choice allowing them to push their own content over what is essentially their own television station directly from our servers.

This is a great way to make your own television shows with a bit of our design help then push it directly to your televisions to promote it to customers. Not only can this be a lot of fun for employees but it engages customers better too!

At ABC Advertising Agency we have designed billboard all over the nation for different clients in construction and medical fields but our digital signage network is by far one of our more exciting programs.

The digital signage program gives your business its own television station that we can push directly to players attached to TVs in your office. This allows you to have pre-recorded spots played, still images like menus or promotions, or even you own personal television show with a little bit of help from us!

After the content is designed we upload it to our servers and push it out to your televisions for your customers to enjoy!

Recent Case Studies

Check out some of our case studies showcasing some of the results we have been able to get a handful of our clients. Typically the digital signage programs we have are used by our med spa clients but like previously mentioned we do have a gym (and other businesses) that utilize it and sell spots on it to offset advertising costs.