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Responsive Websites

Wordpress is one of the most well-known website platforms besides Wix that offers mobile-friendly websites and the ability to design custom websites. WordPress was initially released in 2003 and was originally designed to be a blog based platform which it remained as for quite a long time.

As a matter of fact it was not until almost 2012 when WordPress started bringing more features to make it more suitable for business websites and not just blogs.

Today WordPress is highly customizable and is capable of nearly anything with the right amount of time spent on development. The only real downside to WordPress over Wix is the time involved in development and the time involved to manage the website properly.

As with any website software, there are always things that need adjusted as WordPress is updated so there really is no way around that regardless of the platform you choose.

We are more than capable of building clients websites on WordPress (this website is built on WordPress) but it’s more expensive and takes longer to complete the work and go live vs. a Wix based website.

From a SEO and performance standpoint, it does not make a difference. We can make a Wix website outperform competitors all day long. It’s all about how the website is built, not the platform its built on.

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Benefits Of Our WordPress Websites

Wordpress is a great platform if you are in need of deep customizations but require a website solution that’s more affordable than a completely custom built solution.

Content Marketing

Our websites are loaded with content handwritten to give a good user experience not just keyword loaded which helps them rank.

Custom Design

Our WordPress websites are designed with custom themes that look great unlike many of those you find by default.

Software Integrations

We offer software integrations as well provided they are supported by the 3rd party software company to be integrated.

SEO Friendly

Just like our Wix sites, our WordPress sites are completely SEO friendly and come optimized from the start!

Social Media

All WordPress sites we create have social media integrations built-in allowing content to be easily shared and more!

eCommerce Solutions

Our WordPress eCommerce sites utilize plugins by Woocommerce, Ecwid, Shopify, and more.

Mobile Friendly

All WordPress websites we offer are 100% mobile friendly and responsive. They look great on all devices!

Tracking & Reporting

Key to any marketing program is the ability to track and report user behavior, our WordPress sites can do that too!

Regardless of the website platform, you want your new website built on, we can provide you with a website that is going to tie into your marketing efforts properly. Every website we design comes with integrations standard unlike many website deisgn companies.

The reason for this is that we need these integrations in place to properly market for you. A website design company just need to complete a website and that’s it so they typically don’t care about the tracking and back end elements like we do.

At ABC Advertising Agency we pride oursleves on building complete marketing solutions for our clients that will help them grow thier businesses. Anyone company that tries to tell you a website alone will grow your business is just out for your money.

We do not typically even do websites alone due to that fact unless a client insists and understands that fact. Every website we build has handwritten content as well, not just copy and pasted content that will prevent you from ranking.

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