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Improve Sales; Eliminate Wasted Leads

With the proper CRM software in place, integrated on your website, and sales staff trained to succeed, your business will explode. Our program includes sales training focused more on a proper sales process and record-keeping than sales itself.

This program when combined with your sales skills builds an unstoppable program designed to pull in leads and convert them into paying customers.

We have used this method with many different clients and all of them have been very successful dramatically improving operations and increasing revenue substantially.

Sales Training 1 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL

What We Will Do For You?

We train your employees on an appropriate sales process. Giving them everything they need to improve their skills, close sales, and increase your bottom line. This is a proven process that includes the below features.

Deal Tracking

Track how many pending deals are in place, the value of those deals, and what your projected numbers should be in the coming months.

Mass Email

Boost sales with bulk emails driving sales through promotions and special offers. Duplicate templates for ease of use in the future.

eCommerce Sales

Sales staff can drive sales via an eCommerce website through a combination of emails and phone calls making it easier to close deals.

Recycle Campaigns

Sales staff are trained how to create emails and campaigns that can be used to take every potential customer down the same sales path.

Note Taking

Our training process teaches sales reps how to take good notes to prevent confusion if another sales rep needs to speak with them.

Sales Pointers

We listen to your sales staff to see how they sell and give them pointers on ways to use the CRM software to improve their close rate.

Interaction Tracking

Salespeople can see if and how a prospect interacted with a piece of marketing material and use that information to help make a sale.

Sales Reporting

Everything in the software is reported on so you can easily see if a sales rep is keeping up with their available tasks or not.

Our sales process training is an extremely valuable portion of our overall marketing and advertising program. If your sales staff does not currently know how to handle incoming leads they will when we get done with training. This is a proven process that is easily adaptable to nearly any sales program and when done right nearly guarantees success!

At ABC Advertising Agency we believe organization is the key to eliminating wasted advertising spend, improving sales numbers and improving overall business. Our sales training does just that. It ultimately streamlines operations from the first interaction with a client all the way through to the sale eliminating missteps in the process. If your business is in need of a solid sales and marketing strategy we can definitely help you out!

Recent Case Studies

Check out some of our case studies. All of these differenct businesses utilize our sales process and are highly successful. This is the program you need to transform your business!