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Streamline Your Sales Process

Having a streamlined sales process is extremely important. A proper sales process eliminates the possibilities of missing leads, follow-ups, and sales in general.

With our program, we gather leads from your website directly into our CRM software that we train your sales staff how to use. As part of that training, we guide them through a proper sales process that can be combined with their sales skills to eliminate wasted advertising dollars by squeezing the most out of every lead.

No more sending leads to email, contacting them once, then forgetting about them because your sales reps got busy. Our streamlined process will allow sales reps to stay focused and organized.

What’s even more exciting is that while Salesforce and other CRM software is very expensive, ours is included in our programs. Beyond that it provides a number of different automated features to help you grow your business eliminating human error.

Sales & CRM Software 1 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL

Benefits Of Our Sales & CRM Software Programs

Check out the great benefits our clients have access to. Our sales training and CRM software will transform your business and greatly improve revenue.

Eliminate Waste

Never lose another lead again! When you are consistently getting new leads day after day it’s easy to do without a proper process.

Mobile Friendly

All emails, contact forms, and everything are all mobile friendly making it easy for your customers to interact with on the go from everywhere.

Increase Business

No more missed opportunities means a huge increase in business. Stop losing leads in email, spam filters, and junk email folders.

Scheduled Content

Sales staff can easily schedule emails, pre-built sales campaigns, and more at the click of a button making them more productive.

Reporting Options

Dozens of reports to help your business track what is important at a glance rather than sifting through pages of data.

Marketing Campaigns

Build custom marketing campaigns depending on how your customer interacts with a given email or promotion.

More Personal

While there is a lot of automation possible, we train sales staff to be more human while using the software improving sales.

Web Tracking

Track when a prospect is on your website and build campaigns based off of those interactions with ease.