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Affordable Website Solutions

We build custom websites on some of the worlds biggest website design platforms. Wix was one of the first website design platforms that made it easier for business owners to edit a basic website design. Due to its ease of use we build a lot of websites on Wix for different clients.

Not surprisingly Wix gets a bad wrap from the web development community because someone that is fairly tech savvy could build a website on their own. Unfortunately for most business owners, it takes a lot of time to do so and to really do it right, it takes some additional experience which Wix does not mention.

We have numerous client websites that outperform custom-built websites and WordPress sites. Some of those client sites were built nearly 10 years ago and still outperform competitor sites due to how we build them.

Wix Websites 1 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL

Benefits Of Our Wix Websites

Anyone can create a Wix websites but not all websites on thier platform are created equally. Find out what makes our websites standout.

Content Marketing

As we’ve said numerous times on your website content is king. Our Wix websites have tons of content.

Custom Design

All of our websites built on Wix start with a blank screen and are built from scratch making yours unique.

Software Integrations

Many of our clients websites are integrated with various software solutions something most people cannot do.

SEO Friendly

We take the time to make sure your website is SEO friendly so that it builds rank and is competitive once it’s finished.

eCommerce Solutions

We use third-party shopping cart programs for the eCommerce side of our Wix sites providing a flexible experience.

Social Media

Our websites are integrated with social media. Clients can easily push content to their website just by posting.

Mobile Friendly

Our sites are 100% mobile-friendly and look great on every device from computers, to tablets, to phones.

Tracking & Reporting

All of our Wix sites come complete with marketing tracking features and reporting features built-in.

All things considered, Wix websites of years gone by were not good. Over the years Wix has made huge strides and even allow custom applications to be built on the back end, databases, tracking utilities, and a lot more advanced features that most people do not even know how to use besides developers. It really is a complete solution when it comes to your website if the person building it really knows what they are doing.

At ABC Advertising Agency we have been testing and utilizing Wix websites for years all the way back to thier time of just being flash based websites. Our experience with them has lead our clients to the top of search engines and allowed us to build custom solutions for them when necessary all from their existing web hosting package. Chances are a Wix site could be more than suitable for your business too unless you have very specific needs.

Recent Case Studies

Check our some of our case studies. Many of these clients have Wix based websites that outrank competition with WordPress or even custom build websites that cost them thousands more.