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Below is a case study from Pro Concrete Leveling. Pro Concrete Leveling is based about halfway between Detroit and Toledo, allowing them to tap into several markets with their advertising efforts.

Company History & Background

Pro Concrete Leveling was a startup in August 2018. The owner purchased a new truck and equipment to do poly concrete leveling because of all the uneven concrete he saw around, and he realized there would be money in it.

We were approached by them in the very early phases of researching their product and even attended several of the training seminars with them to get a good grasp on their service and make recommendations.

Pro Concrete Leveling has already purchased a second truck for the Ohio/Michigan market, and started a second location in the Indiana/Illinois market due to the huge success they had this past year.

In the process of getting Pro Concrete Leveling going, we actually met a guy who was just starting up too in the northern areas of Pro Concretes market and ended up working with him now as well as a referral from Pro Concrete Levelings owner after they built a friendship.

We actually advertise for both companies now, splitting up areas so both companies can be profitable while competing with each other as little as possible from an advertising standpoint on the north end of Pro Concretes advertising area.

We typically do not take competing companies in the same industry, but because these two were friends and willing to work out territories, more or less, we have been able to help them both out.

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Pro Concrete Leveling was a startup at the time we began working with them. They never existed, did not know their market, etc. We had to come up with a marketing plan that would be successful for them without any data under their belt.


We built a complete marketing program for them, including Google Ads, social media content, print materials, and a design like that of a well-established brand. This marketing setup gave them the appearance of an established company.


Pro Concrete Leveling has been extremely profitable since implementation. Due to the success of their marketing program, they have been able to purchase over eight brand new vehicles for the company and expand operations serving four states.

Marketing Data

While we can’t show off everything about our clients’ campaigns, we can show you some general information that shows we know what we are doing and that our campaigns really perform as well as we say they do.

Here, you can find a screenshot from one of the Pro Concrete Levelings campaigns. In this screenshot, you can see we hold 72% of the market share of impressions in Google, and our ad position is typically 1.8. This means not only does our ad show up more often than competitors, but it ranks higher than nearly all competitors, with the exception of, which has been in business for 45 years.

Our ads outperform all other companies, and realistically, they are outperforming as well because of the vast impression share amount they have. just has a .4 better position, meaning that occasionally, when both companies’ ads are shown, they may show up in spot one while we show up in spot two.

The company we were talking about earlier that we started working with as a referral due to the owner of Pro Concrete becoming friends with him is Bluebirdcfw. You can see them in this chart as well. They do not have near the impression share or ad position as Pro Concrete in this market, though, which is why they appear lower in the results. In their market, they perform as well as Pro Concrete does.

Construction Marketing Case Study 2 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL

Saving Money; Increasing Leads

The screenshot below is from one of the tools we use to manage ads for clients. As you can see, Pro Concretes ads not only outperform in impression share and ad position but also in click-through rate and cost per click. A well-written ad that is highly relevant will actually cost you less per click than a poorly written/targeted ad. This means you can get more clicks for the same money.

As you can see, with our click-through rate being nearly 85% higher than the competition, they get more leads as well. The industry standard click-through rate is about 2% in the consumer service industry and pretty close to that in nearly every other industry. Our ads are typically 2.5-5x what the industry standard click-through rate is for a given industry. Not only that, but we are also constantly working to improve the CTR and ad position.

Construction Marketing Case Study 3 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL

Pro Concrete just started using our new phone tracking service at the end of March as well. As you can see below, they are starting to get leads from phone calls recorded directly to our reports. These leads from calls and the leads from the CRM that you’ve seen in our other case studies have added up to big business for Pro Concrete. The new call recording system is included for free up to 3000 clicks on businesses that have one phone number. ​

Construction Marketing Case Study 4 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL

What It Takes To Be Successful

Pro Concrete Leveling uses most of the services we offer to drive new customers to them on tap. The services build the ultimate marketing program that will bring in new customers without interaction after we set up and manage everything.

  • Website Design

  • CRM Software

  • PPC Advertising & Reporting

  • Call Recording

  • Social Media Marketing & Management

  • Interacting With Customers on Social Media

  • Automated Emails​

  • Email Hosting​​

  • Graphic Design For Brochures, Window Clings, and more

  • Video Production for Web and Television

  • Business Consulting Services


The reason Pro Concrete Leveling expanded so much this year is due to the ROI we got them on their first two months of business before they shut down for winter. Their ROI on their first two months of business was a little more than 30x ad spend. That big return has allowed them to grow rapidly through fierce advertising.

This advertising program is extremely aggressive and designed not to let leads slip through the cracks, ensuring that your advertising dollars go further and have a much bigger impact on your (and your competitors) business.

If your business is working with one of the big guys (Thryv, Dex, YP, Yelp, etc) and you are not happy, there are definitely other options, and we would love to show you in more detail what we are able to do for your business as well as just how cost-effective our solutions really are. I have clients who can tell you horror stories about some of the major “marketing” companies in the US that are now clients of mine and have been for years.

If you have existing campaigns running on Facebook or Google, we would love to offer you a FREE audit of those advertising accounts so you can see exactly how your account is doing. Many times, people really do not know how the account is doing or just assume that all marketing companies are the same. The flip side is if you are doing your marketing on your own, you may not realize the mistakes you are making that would show up in a proper audit and show you why it would be better to let us handle it for you so you can focus on what you are good at.

Feel free to fill out the contact form on this page, and we will reach out to you with more details or schedule your free audit.