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Below is a case study from Sun Factory Tanning in Terre Haute, In. Check out what we were able to do for Sun Factory Tanning over the years we worked with them.


Company History & Background

Sun Factory Tanning was started in 2001 and has been one of several tanning salons in Terre Haute, IN a city of about 100,000 people southwest of Indianapolis.

Being located in Terre Haute tanning is still popular and does not have the stigma it does many other places, however, Sun Factorys owner is always looking to improve operations and approached us via referral from Electrik Image Spa to help him out.

Sun Factory began working with us 3 years ago and in that three years has increased business, improved the way leads are handled and began adding spa services to their lineup as well.

Just a year into our marketing program Sun Factory did a light re-branding becoming Sun Factory Tanning & Spa to signify all the new spa services they were bringing in.

All and all Sun Factory brought in 9 new spa services so far to help grow the aesthetics side of the business and is doing very well with that as they add new estheticians and continue to build the programs.

Tanning Salon Marketing Case Study 1 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL


Sun Factory Tanning really did not have a problem when it came to their stores when we took them on. They were successful at the time but they were looking for a way to grow faster. Making an already successful business more successful can be a challenge fortunately we found points of weakness that could be improved upon to make them more successful.


For Sun Factory the main ways we helped them with groth was implementing advertising strategies they did not have in place yet like Facebook and Google. We also helped them pick up alternate revenue streams by expanding into the medspa field a little much like we did with Electrik Image Spa. These changes made a big impact on Sun Factory and allowed them to grow substantially year after year.


Due to the changes that were put in place with their marketing, streamlined sales processes, and expansion into other revenue streams Sun Factory has grown 15%+ in business every year since they signed on with us. Growth this good is virtually unheard of in the Tanning Salon industry but it is achievable with the right plan.

Marketing Data

While we can’t show off everything about our clients’ campaigns we can show you some general information that shows we know what we are doing and that our campaigns really do perform as well as we say they do.

Below is a screenshot out of one of Sun Factory Tanning and Spa campaigns. In this screenshot, you can see that their average position and market share of impressions far exceeds the competition. On Google, they are only advertising their weight loss and body contouring services which is why you can see some pretty large national brands like Nutrisystem and CoolSculpting also advertising in the market.

Tanning Salon Marketing Case Study 2 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL

Adding New Services To Increase Revenue

Once Sun Factory Tanning & Spa started offering SculpSure they gained the majority of the business in Terre Haute and surrounding areas consistently getting leads for SculpSure several times a day all year long. The only other provider of SculpSure in Terre Haute is virtually non-existent and again per Cynosure does not do near the volume Sun Factory does.

Tanning Salon Marketing Case Study 3 ABC Advertising Agency | Digital Marketing Specialists | Tampa, FL | Spring Hill, FL | Brooksville, FL

The screenshot above is from our CRM software that Sun Factory uses. This software allows us to keep sales staff on task and automatically send interest based emails to our customer’s prospective clients keeping Sun Factory top of mind when its time to buy. As you can see in this image in 2018 they receive 572 leads on a small budget due to the small market. As of March 2019 this year they’ve increased the budget and have already received 414 leads just 3 months into the year! That means that they are on track to do 1656 leads this year. That’s nearly a 300% increase in leads. A majority of those leads were for high-end, high-dollar, services like SculpSure as we only advertise the body contouring services they have on Google as mentioned earlier. What’s the lifetime value of a new customer in your business and how much revenue would 1656 leads bring your business? What if you could easily scale knowing what it would cost you per lead as you scale?

Sun Factory’s owner has said that he has been up 20% or more each year since we started this program. That is because both the increase in new services and the customer retention and engagement made possible through the marketing program as a whole. We are always in touch with customers but not so much so that it becomes annoying.

Beyond the 20%+ year after year growth Sun Factory has now eliminated all tanning competition and even bought out the largest competitor they had “Larry Paul” tanning. During that acquisition, Sun Factory purchased 3 of Larry Pauls stores. Sun Factory continues to grow dramatically and is looking to become one of the strongest Med Spa’s in the area soon as well.

Due to the success of Electrik Images call tracking we have running Sun Factory is just starting to use this service now as well. Unfortunately, since we are just starting we do not have any data to show you on how that has impacted their business but having this valuable information will only improve the way customers are handled and ultimately improve their sales process as it has with other clients like Electrik Image.

What It Takes To Be Successful

Sun Factory Tanning uses many of the services we offer to be successful. Our services have helped them grow 15%+ year after year since they signed on with us. Below is a list of the services they us.

  • Website Design & eCommerce

  • CRM Software

  • PPC Advertising & Reporting

  • Call Recording

  • Social Media Marketing & Management

  • Interacting With Customers on Social Media

  • Automated Emails

  • Email Blasts​​​

  • Graphic Design For Brochures, Window Clings, and more

  • Video Production for Web and Television

  • Business Consulting Services


We have been working with Sun Factory Tanning & Spa for over 3 years now as mentioned earlier and continue to improve their sales process and help them build a strong customer base.

This advertising program is extremely aggressive and designed to not let leads slip through the cracks ensuring that your advertising dollars go further and have a much bigger impact on your (and your competitors) business.

If your practice is working with one of the big guys and you are not happy, there are definitely other options and we would love to show you in more detail what we are able to do for your business as well as just how cost-effective our solutions really are.

If you have existing campaigns running on Facebook or Google we would love to offer you a FREE audit of those advertising accounts so you can see exactly how your account is doing. Many times people really do not know how the account is doing or just assume that all marketing companies are the same. The flip side is if you are doing your marketing on your own you may not realize the mistakes you are making that would show up in a proper audit and show you why it would be better to let us handle it for you so you to focus on what you are good at.

Feel free to fill out the contact form on this page and we will reach out to you with more details or to schedule your free audit.