How To Handle Negative Comments On Social Media

Dealing with angry people on social media can be difficult. This is especially so for businesses. As a business, you can become the target of peoples anger quite easily and just from employees mistakes, company policies, or really just about anything somebody’s not happy with.

So how should we handle these people? Ever so carefully. Sometimes people posting angry comments on your Facebook page can mean the difference between everybody seeing them on Google reviews and just their friends seeing them on Facebook.

Facebook gives you a lot of tools to handle unfortunate situations whether it be from disgruntled employees, angry customers, or just somebody looking to mess with your business.

One of the most useful tools Facebook offers is the ability to hide comments. Hiding a comment, allows people to vent frustration without taking it other places on the Internet. If people feel they’ve been able to vent their frustration, later on, you could always delete the comment if you wanted to.

Sometimes depending on the comment, it might be best just to delete the comment all together from the get-go. It really depends on the situation so you need to take a step back and look at what’s going on.

Sometimes bad comments that are somewhat minor are an excellent opportunity to show everybody how your company handles certain situations. The way you handle angry customers in front of everybody paints a picture of your business and the way you treat your customers.

If you do everything you can to resolve the situation for the angry customer that can actually be a good thing for people to see.

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Facebook gives you other tools though above and beyond just dealing with people directly. For instance, page owners have the ability to ban specific words from comments on the page in an attempt to head off unwanted comments.

Page owners also have the ability to moderate all visitor posts to their page. This can prevent people from screenshotting things and putting them out there for everybody to see and make people apter just to message you first.

If situations get really out of hand you also have the ability to turn off reviews on your page. I would only do this in the direst circumstances like if you have a number of disgruntled employees posting on your page since there’s no way to remove the bad reviews. You can always turn them back on after the employees move on to prevent serious damage to your reputation.

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