How To Find A Good Marketing Company

How easy is it to get into marketing? Well, unfortunately, every day there are people just like the ones in this image building a business they know nothing about.

These are the types of people that sell you a cheap package (or expensive if they’re really good at sales) and can’t deliver results because they have no idea how to do it.

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We spend upwards of $20k for our advertising software alone not to mention the 20 other subscriptions programs we are part of to build our clients an amazing marketing program. Did I mention the years of experience in marketing, ability to adapt to the ever-changing marketing platforms, programing experience, equipment, etc?

Moral of the story? Case studies. Be sure you look at peoples case studies and work to see that they really do know what they are doing. Ask for references, etc.

Can’t tell you how many times we come across new customers that are upset at their current marketing company because they are not getting any leads and zero results only to find out they just looked at their reviews online.

Reviews are often fake, companies like the BBB wipe records clean every so many months for members, etc. The only good proof is examples of work and speaking to references.

Many of these fly by night companies or advertisers only offer one service because thats all they have attempted to learn. We offer our clients complete marketing programs from the ground up including a website with integrations to the CRM software we provide them, social media; Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Bing Advertising, Graphic Design, Video Production, and a whole lot more. We really KNOW our industry and know what works. Don’t be fooled.

Keep in mind cheaper is very often WAY more expensive. Cheaper most times wastes TIME & MONEY. This means you are losing LOTS of money through missed opportunity, wasted advertising dollars and swindled advertising fees.

Just some food for thought.