Marketing Trends in 2018

Marketing is always changing and in 2018 we need to take new approaches like social media and technology change how we interact with our world and in respect, our customers and businesses. There are new advances such as voice-searching and augmented reality that is changing the marketing strategy as well, being affected by more common marketing strategies such as Video and Social Media Marketing.

The video marketing industry (oddly enough) is seeing a slight decline in effectiveness. Fewer people watch syndicated television and more net-television is being subscribed to and watched as consumers prefer to watch without interruption or spend an evening at home binging their favorite series. Video, however, has been named as the primary means by which Facebook claims is the most effective post type. Facebook, however, has strict guidelines on what is considered an effective and appropriate post which can make conforming a stressful endeavor.

Facebook is now a household name and is not just a way we connect across small and large distances, it is also the means by which we communicate our desires and services. Long past is the days that networking through face-to-face interactions be the primary means. Facebook and other social media outlets such as; Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have made networking your business and connecting to your customers as simple as sending out a new message from your phone.

New services such as Siri and Alexa have made an interesting effect on how people search for items and come in contact with services. Products such as refrigerators that have the ability to send a message to your phone while standing at the grocery store notifying you of what you are out of, is important to consider. Such integrations can help to drive customers to the right place and right product by integrating voice services into your marketing campaign.

Most importantly in 2018 is location integrations called “Augmented Reality”. Really this is a fancy way of naming the act of providing incentives to visit your business or provide special services to a customer who is physically in your location. This idea was first realized by a mobile game called “Poke`mon Go” where users would have certain services available based on their location. Forbes Magazine has made it clear this marketing tool could very well change the most how we do business in 2018.