Are You Wasting Contacts?

Most businesses today know the value of advertising and marketing their business. Many businesses spend a lot of money interacting with prospective clients and even presenting their business to thousands of people to get interaction from a select few that are possibly interested in their products or services.

What happens to the contacts that have shown interest after that initial ad? Does your business do anything with them or is the initial ad where your marketing strategy stops?

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​​See, ideally, you would get information from prospects that are REALLY interested in your products and/or services and begin to market to them based upon their interests. Spending a lot of money to get their information and never really doing anything with it beyond an occasional email blast when you remember to do it is not an effective way of marketing.

We offer a tool that allows your marketing campaigns to work for you. It allows you to gather what services/products the prospective client is interested in and automatically take each of those prospects down the same marketing path.

This allows you to ensure that EVERY prospect is served the appropriate information at the appropriate time in your sales cycle. This also allows you to create marketing campaigns that keep you in front of the prospect so when they are ready to buy, they think of you first. Want a sales rep to reach out to that prospect at a specific time? No problem! With our task automation sales reps can be automatically assigned to reach out to a client at crucial points in your sales process.

We also offer what we call enrichment marketing through this system which allows you to really educate prospects about your products and services establishing you as the expert in the field when it comes to those products and services, again, making them think of you when its time to buy.

Interested in using our software systems to keep your marketing on track or just need help with your businesses marketing in general? Give us a call! We offer free consultations to give you an idea of what we can do for you to get your business on track to becoming more profitable!