Color Makes A Difference!

Can’t tell you how many times we come across advertisements and/or other media produced by other companies or businesses just trying to produce their own content that is just, well, blah.

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​​Color tells the story of your image whether it be a photo or a video. Especially in the world of food if your food looks bland, dull, or just lacking appealing colors that can make a huge difference in the way your food looks to people and how well an advertisement may perform.

With restaurants, this should be one of the most important things you are looking at in your ads. If your food doesn’t look appealing and eye-catching then it doesn’t matter what you say people will look right past it. 


​​Obviously, this can make a difference in other businesses as well. The tanning industry, for instance, tries to sell a beautiful glamorous image to their clients. If your imagery is not showing off people with beautifully tanned skin and a flawless complexion you are not nearly as likely to make a sale as the business down the street who puts a lot more time into those images and makes them look like they are right out of an LA movie set.

In short, color matters! It’s not something you want to overlook when filming a commercial or using photography in advertisements.

The images here are a before and after picture, we found on Domo sushi’s Facebook page while browsing. Which image looks more appetizing to you? Chances are the image with the grayed-out table and more vibrant food looks more appetizing. 

The first image is the image they had on their Facebook page. We didn’t take the initial picture but wanted to show an example of what this picture could have looked like with proper color alone.

See, making your products really pop is important!