Email Blast vs. Enrichment Marketing

So many businesses today use occasional email blasts as an attempted marketing tool to potential clients. The problem is just that, it’s occasional! Once you take a marketing avenue the requires you to remember to do it or requires you to put in extra time to do it, chances are its probably not done frequently.

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​​Having random email blasts go out whenever you have time is not an effective marketing strategy. Emails should also not just be sent out in the hopes that maybe someone with call you. 

An effective email marketing campaign (like our Enrichment Marketing programs) is a carefully laid out program that not only educates prospective clients why you are the company to deal with over a period of time, but, also ties all contacts into an easy to see interface that allows you to see who salespeople should be interacting with.

When you have a huge list of contacts it can be difficult to know exactly who you should be spending your time interacting with but with our Enrichment Marketing program, you can physically see who is interacting with what content and connect with the people who are showing the most interest. 

If your company needs guidance building a proper marketing program whether you need a plan as we talk about here, video production, a website, or whatever it is your business needs, get in touch with us. We can help!